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by Adam Chi Lung Chan


Fashion September 18, 2019

The political crisis in Hong Kong doesn’t seem to have affected the creativity of Hongkongese designers. On the 12th of September, The Hong Kong Design Renaissance Foundation (DRF) made their international debut (show room until the 16/09) in London during London Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2020 with “On-Show 2020”. Four rising Hong Kong brands : Loom Loop, 112 mountainyam, Yeung Chin and From Another Planets opened London Fashion Week with live presentations. But it was Yeung Chin, who took the presentation to the next level. The Pro-Democracy fashion designer who had set a fire alarm in the venue moments before, when the presentation began Yeung Chin played the famous Les Misérables song “Do you hear the people sing?” and models marching slowly presenting his garments. After that the firemen came, models from brands had to present their garments outside the venue (in the Road and pedestrian pavement), it was a dramatic but unique presentation. Because it was on the street, pedestrians get to see the new garments from the designer brands. 

Back to the collection: firstly Yeung Chin, the designers demonstrate during the presentation was powerful, it really fits his image of the brand, challenging conventional aesthetic. The colour pattern from the collection was simply but not boring: black, white and red embroidery pieces, from far away it looks like flowers bloomed on the garments, but when you look closer you can see they’re organs and other body parts, as well as bandaged women, very unique. 

Loom loop: The Collection of Loom Loop symbolizes a mixture of traditional craftsmanship of the heritage Cantonese fabric with a modern approach to the contemporary individualism. The collection was textiles focus with eye-catching prints and embellishments, traditional Chinese wedding banners “囍” prints, pronunciation in Cantonese “Hei2”, In traditional Chinese weddings, there are a lot of “hei2” banners, something very traditional, designer Polly Ho printed on a knee long dress, very beautiful and fashionable. Traditional imperial Dragon pattern printed in the middle or back of the garment, alone or combined with various complex prints and beautifully printed. With sustainability being so important, the brand used leftover denim fabric and undelivered sweaters from garment factories. A lifestyle collection including small bags and cushion will be part of the whole collection to further complete the brand.


Adam, Chi Lung Chan | Writer | @adamfromfashion

Caroline Hajny | Photographer | @carolinehajny

Images from Design Renaissance Foundation press release

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