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by Adam Chi Lung Chan


Fashion September 18, 2019

The Korean womenswear and menswear brand showcased their spring/summer 2020 collection titled “Back to London” in BFC show space in 13/09. This season the brand partnered with Chinese e-commerce company : JD.com and British Fashion Council, designed by Haizhen Wang (Haizhen Wang is a London based fashion designer known for his cutting edge designs that skillfully blend traditional and contemporary design together). 

The collection is reflected and inspired by great British heritage and style, The runway began with a light khaki textured trench coat, styled with a printed beret and shirt, a great combination between traditional silhouette and creative textiles. As soon as we see the title “back to London” we expect a lot of British influence throughout the collection, of course the designer did not disappoint, everything in the collection was super British, vintage check patterns in a trench or hunter coat features. Colour choices are also British inspired: khakis, camel, navy blue, mustard and red are present throughout the collection, paired with vintage check patterns, pinstripes and staple logos.

The styling of the collection was very well thought through, throughout the collection you can see a perfect combination of modern and traditional, edgy and elegant, preppy with workwear, style smart but casual (traditional tailored jacket, trench coats, polo shirts and trousers meet oversized shirts, oversized collars and necklines with diverse shapes). In my opinion the collection is a unisex-wear suitable for all genders in all occasions. 
In short, the collection is undoubtedly British inspired, yet as a Korean brand, the brand blended British and Korean fashion and styling elements to cater to the consumer’s needs, (tailored) oversize silhouettes and layering is very popular style and it’s gaining popularity amongst Koreans, as well as Greater China area. The designer has cleverly delivered on the balance to be struck between inspiration and marketability in this fully realised collection.


Adam, Chi Lung Chan | Writer | @adamfromfashion

Caroline Hajny | Photographer | @carolinehajny

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