JW Anderson | SS20

by Adam Chi Lung Chan


Fashion September 20, 2019

“I wanted to keep the configuration of the space from last season and yet still evolve. I thought about this idea of ‘looking’ at things and how we perceive them, how we look at textures, how we see jewellery and what jewellery really is……” said by Johnathan Anderson (the founder and creative director of J.W. Anderson) in the backstage after the show.


The J.W. Anderson Spring/Summer 2020 collection is a continued journey of visual fantasy from last season, a collection explores the joy of looking. The designer showcase his new collection on the 16th of September at the Yeomanry House in London. The collection Designed by Jonathan Anderson and styled by Benjamin Bruno, set art works and installations created by Canadian artist Liz Magor, Backstage after the show, Jonathan spoke of his inspiration for the show: “I wanted to keep the configuration of the space from last season and yet still evolve. I saw Liz Magor’s work at Harvard and I liked what she was saying about the experience about looking.

The collection begin with a single-sleeved long black (tunic inspired) dress with big crystal necklace, rhinestoned loop bra sharped jewellery around the chest, big slanted chunky belts worn asymmetrically on the hip, styled with a leather small hand bag with knitted tassels detail and a pair of straw sandals,very eye-catching and unique. The first garment really set the tone of the rest of the garments from the collection, big and bold jewelleries heavily featured on same or similar placements on a garment, visually cohesive and outstanding, crystal embroideries on the lower parts of jacket or suit jacket, almost like a big brooch hanging in there. Some dresses had a hole on the side of the waist, it surrounded by sparkling clear crystal embroidery and gold or silver embellishments, uniquely fashionable. 

Tunic inspired dresses are also heavily featured on the collection, mostly single coloured or in floral prints,outstandingly wearable, beautiful, unique and uncomplicated. Statement bags from the collection are also visually attractive, a triple “coin purses” bandolier, hand bags with complicated tassels details bring the garments to the next level. 

It is the first time from the brand, J.W. Anderson presented its first, one of the accessory goes “see now buy now” to the public. It is a new version of the “Cap Bag” in cadet blue with sky blue suede lining and an embossed JW Anderson logo at the back,celebrities and influencers (including: Chen Ran, Mark Luu, wear the item to the show, so when they walk in to the show, street style photographer,media and press would take photographs of their looks, very exposure to the public audiences. 

In short, the collection was cohesively presented on the runway, uncomplicated and wearable garments are nicely made and styled, a very simply but artistic inspiration will definitely make people care more about the sense of looking, enjoy the pleasure of vision. With the “see now, buy now” celebrities wear brand’s new item to the show scheme it was great public promotion, commercially fully realised. 


Adam, Chi Lung Chan | Writer | @adamfromfashion

Images from J.W. ANDERSON press releases

(Backstage images by Photographers Alexander Coggin and Daisy Walker)

(VIP/Front Row images by Darren Gerrish)


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