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Music October 3, 2019

Dreamers have a large following in the US and are now looking to conquer the UK! I had the pleasure to interview the lush synth-pop indie trio at their very first UK date in Reading festival last month- sitting in one of the many spots that I though would have been quite, turns out sitting by the main stage wasn’t the best idea I had but we made it work!

We jump right in talking about new music, Nick tells me that they recently released their second album ‘LAUNCH FLY LAND’ and as well as that they’ll be releasing an EP that will be coming out later this year, which means it’s still in the works. When I asked if they could tell me more about their EP they were hesitant and told me that I already know too much. “There will be music but no promises,” adds Nick. While Nelson plays a piece of grass like a kazoo and tells me that’s part of the EPs instrumental- they are quick to change the subject to not give away hints about the EP, fair play- but will it have a kazoo playing though?

The trio tell me it’s their first trip to England and that they’re so ecstatic about it, and it’s a dream for them to visit it, because they tell me their favourite bands from the rock n roll music scene blew up in England first, Nick goes on to say “I would say Rock n Roll was born in America but it grew up in England” The band are all collectively into bands like the Beatles, Radiohead, Pink Floyd – they also like The killers, Kings of Leons and the strokes whom blew up in the uk scene. Nick says the entire band and himself feel that British Rock is something that is missing in the states, right now. I then move on towards the music making side of things, asking them what comes first the lyrics or the melody to which they all agree to the Melody, they’ve tried to do the lyrics first and everything. Lyrics first while they were sober, high and then Jacob adds on naked jokingly or maybe he was serious, but we all laughed- who knows. At the end they agreed on melody first, stone sober during the day. We were rudely interrupted by a stink bug, Nelson saved the day and moved the bug to a safe place- while they told me what it does because I wasn’t  aware of this type of bug.

They tell me they’re so busy they tour so much, that with structuring song writing- they would have to do it when they’re not busy- when they get off from tour for example and they have 5 days, they’d try to us those days wisely to write 5 songs and every day they would get in a studio, they would have to write a song that day and finish it. It’s very structured and that’s how they do it, then afterwards they decide to see if they like it or not and find themselves with around 50 songs or so to choose from, Nelson tells me. Nick explains to me the reason their album was called ‘LAUNCH FLY LAND’ was because they were on tour the whole time having some crazy journeys but they were also have personal tragedies and personal successes and all of the stuff they were going through at the time. That album is about what it’s like to go through things and to come out the other side a better person. They go on to tell me that the new songs they have wrote for the EP are fresh and some of their favourite ones they have wrote so far. Nick then changes the subject to a song they released earlier in 2019- ‘Die Happy’ which is a statement for them says Nick “doing what you wanna and doing what you gotta.” this keeps them going so they don’t regret things they do and that’s their ethos- that’s why they wanted to be Dreamers and that’s why they called themselves that so they could push themselves to be that. And there’s a song on the record called someway somehow, that they all like a lot. It’s a sad honest song they’ve wrote mentions Jacob.

Dreamers are all about the peace and love as cliché as it sounds, Nick goes on to tell me “there’s no reason the playground couldn’t be us (as in people) just doing rad stuff, like playing music and eating food together or having sex- but there are people choosing to do bad things like killing each other, they need to chill out.” Nelson adds “Don’t be an asshole, don’t be greedy all these things that just make the world a shitty place.” Politics is a subject that Dreamers naturally care about a lot; they tell me they have an obligation to look out for other people, that it’s not just about one person but a whole bunch of people. They feel like there’s a lot of people in politics that are full of greed and who are self centred, “I feel like we should all take care of each other, you have an obligation to your community.” Tells me Nelson.

Another cause they’re very passionate about highlighting is Suicide, as much as they despise people killing each other, that there’s high suicide rates- which they say is very sad to hear about- they know how much just offering a little help can really help. They like to tell anyone who’s having suicidal thoughts that there’s help and there are ways to fell better- then Nelson adds on by saying “I’d say Hang on, I know that because I was going through periods of severe depression that were dangerous and literally it’s just crazy, but you can get through the other side.” They add that you’d have a sense you that you’d never feel better, and it’s not true it really does change and can get better.

Playing live connects the band to when they were kids dreaming about being in rock bands, that was the image they saw themselves being. Nelson then goes on to say “The thing that made me want to become a musician was I went to this summer camp music thing when I was 13, and we made our own band while we were there and it was called Yanni And The Drag Queens, I had a ponytail so people called me Yanni. And that was such an amazing experience, we played and it was just all these kids- it was such an exhilarating thing.

The band tells me they’re not called Dreamers for no reason, and they will try to go as far as they can. They’re planning to do a lot of things in the future, always more tours, new music and more crazy videos. Secret stuff they can’t tell us even though I tried to get it out of them, they’re planning to come back to the UK and Europe again soon- so we are definitely staying tuned for that.



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