Subculture is the birth of art and fashion as we know it. It’s the home to the misfits, the misunderstood and the inspiring characters that influence us. It’s a community that puts up the “middle finger” to society.

The subculture scene hosts some of the most iconic and aspiring artists; from Afro Punks to European Techno Ravers to Bohemian artists and many more. Even right down to the people just wanting to escape the boundaries of society. It’s a place where they are free to explore their creativity, connect with their spirituality and live out their fantasies through performance, art and personal style.

By featuring the most innovative performance artists, influencers and talent that keep authentic creativity alive we want to capture the raw essence of today’s thriving subculture scene through an array of artistic expression. With the next issue of Noctis Magazine we are seeking to present shed light on a community that continuously influences the future of fashion, art and creativity.

For print submissions please contact genea@noctismag.co.uk and boyzero@noctismag.com


Online submissions are open for editorial, video and written content. There is no set theme for online submissions, but we are happy to discuss ideas with you if there is anything you’re unsure about so do not hesitate to get in touch. Email megan@noctismag.com

Please read our guidelines below.

Peace and love <3



  • We work on a submission basis but set a brief for the issue to inspire you; we then hope that you will interpret this in your own special way.

    Noctis Magazine is shaped by the contributions of people like you, for both print and online. We want to remain a fluid platform that is both exciting and unpredictable; we'll also let you in on a secret... we don't set a brief for online-only submissions, if we like it, we will publish it.

    But here comes the tricky part.

    Unfortunately we cannot cover any production costs for your submission, for print or online. We will share on our social media platforms and credit as per your requests, but copyright will ultimately remain with you.

    We would like for you to submit work that is exclusive to Noctis Magazine; if a submission is accepted for print or online, we kindly ask that you do not publish final images until the submission is released by Noctis Magazine. The sharing of behind the scenes imagery can be discussed upon acceptance of the submission.

    All submissions are considered for print and online. With print, we cannot guarantee your submission is successful until the day we sign off the proof. We would also like to stress that it is your responsibility that credits are provided correctly and in full.


    This sucks, we know, but Noctis Magazine is entirely self funded and it gets kind of embarrassing for both of us when we have to try and justify our circumstance. Please don't ask.

    We strongly believe that is much more beneficial, for all of us, to get copies of the magazine distributed, seen by all, and gathering funds for the following issue. We appreciate your submission, and we hope that you appreciate our part in publishing it.


    • All submissions should be sent to Noctis Magazine in one file via WeTransfer or Dropbox; ideally to the relevant editor, with a clear indicator that the work is a submission to our next issue or online.

    • We need work in proportion to at least 4000 pixels wide at 300dpi without exception.

    • In the e mail please supply all credits, this includes the people who worked on the piece, any models and agencies, and any clothing/product credits that are required. As much as we enjoy chasing you for the credits, we would prefer not to.

    • Any extra information you would like included should also be sent through on the same e mail, but we can only guarantee credits will be used should your submission be successful.

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